What Is The Future Of Support?

Helping our friends from Young Out Here with some data collection, in the hopes of better understanding the needs and wants of local youths.

It's a bit of a lengthy survey, but any feedback will help us improve vastly as a community.

A note from the co-ordinator:

The data collected will be kept anonymous.

This initiative is beneficial in understanding the current landscape of LGBTQ+ youths. It is also critical because these youths will form the future of the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore. You'll be free to access the results of this survey, once it's been published on our website. We'll send you a separate email once it's ready.
We would greatly appreciate if you would help to share this on any platform that you're comfortable with - be it on social media, websites, forums, mailing lists, etc.

The expected end date for the data collection would be 31 December 2016.

Click here to begin the survey

Here's an image you can use for sharing:

Young Out Here (YOH) is a Singapore Queer Youth Community Group, for youths - by youths!
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