Healthcare: Transgender counselling and support by The Relational Counselling Studio

The Relational is a private practice specialising in counselling for a wide range of needs. They have a multi-cultural team of counsellors with different specialities, which includes gender issues.

As this is a resource page for transmen, we will talk about the counselling of gender issues, although you may also seek The Relational counsellors for help with any other issue(s) that they may specialise in.

The Relational has a friendly, cosy, discreet location at Tiong Bahru, and are also available over Skype.

When you contact them, you will most probably be attended to by Andrea as she specialises in gender change issues, amongst many other things. After which, she may continue to be your counsellor, or refer you to a colleague who is equally if not more equipped to see to your needs.

All in all, we've found The Relational to be a professional and welcoming place for transmen, that provides the highest standard of counselling care. If nothing else, it is a place where you can talk to someone without fear of judgement.

Their rates are on a sliding scale, which will be decided upon your first meeting with the counsellor.

The Relational
Address: 22 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169722 
Enquiries are welcome by phone, SMS or e-mail:
Andrea Mayrhofer
+65 94373705
General e-mail:
Website: http://www.therelational.com.sg

It takes a lot of courage to open up to a complete stranger. But for transgender people - whether you are just starting to transition, or already many years along - seeking a professional counsellor could be one of the best decisions of your life.

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